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Former Rhode Island Assistant Attorney General

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"Bethany Macktaz ~ an amazing attorney, whos commitment to delivering quality work is unprecedented. She is impeccably detailed, consistent, thorough, and passionate in every aspect of her work. Bethany will work tirelessly to drive perfection , keeping a laser focus on achieving quality results and the best possible outcome.

Bethany Macktaz is truly a remarkable individual. She’s an outstanding and knowledgeable lawyer, always caring and compassionate with her clients. I’ve had the good fortune to have had Bethany’s representation and would recommend and endorse her expertise highly."

- Jean S.


"I have worked with Bethany Macktaz for many years during her tenure with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General. Bethany is without a doubt the most talented prosecutor I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail, ethical standard, compassion for the victims and her courtroom presentation are second to none. Bethany prosecuted many difficult high profile cases during her career with the Attorney General. In some incidents these cases were marked with great personal loss for the victims. Bethany never lost sight of the fact that she was the advocate and voice for these individuals, making sure that justice was served with a satisfactory conclusion. "

Sergeant Patrick McNulty
Providence Police Department
Narcotics and Organized Crime Bureau

"Bethany Macktaz is a true professional in every sense of the word, and, at the same time is a person of unquestioned integrity. She has an extraordinary knowledge of the law and uses that knowledge to relentlessly seek justice for victims of horrific crimes. As a domestic violence victim, with a former husband desiring to put a “bullet between my eyes,” I am thoroughly convinced without the prodigious effort of Bethany, I may very well not be alive today. At the same time Bethany works tirelessly, she also displays tremendous compassion, caring, hand-holding, and attention to whomever she is helping. Bethany should be proud of the positive impact she has had on so many, and no one could have a more qualified professional in his/her corner than Bethany Macktaz."

- Jane G.

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