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Many years ago, alimony was simply the decision the courts reached in determining the value that one party devoted to the raising of children, and maintenance of the home. And while a great deal has changed with regard to how often the court awards alimony, and under what circumstances, the main factor behind alimony awards are that they are based on one party needing help and the other party's ability to assist - whether because one party stayed home and raised the family or just because one party is in need - for instance, loss of job, needs assistance to get back on their feet, etc. Whether or not one partner has made a sacrifice for the betterment of the other partner, alimony speaks to the welfare of the partner who is in need.

Whether it is the fact that one party worked while another put a career on hold to raise the children and maintain the home, or that one party helped the other party financially with the start of a business, support while in school, or any other situation where a financial imbalance may have occurred, alimony may be requested to offset the losses of sacrifices made during the marriage.

As one of the more complex aspects of the Family Court Divorce process, the assistance of a qualified Family Law attorney is essential. Bethany Macktaz is the best choice to assist you in determining if alimony may be something you will want to request during your divorce process. Bethany already has more than fifteen years of experience as a successful former Assistant Attorney General and trial attorney. Having her by your side through the Divorce process and in helping you to reach an equitable agreement, with or without Alimony, will provide you with a reassuring presence and the confidence that your case is being handled by an experienced negotiator and mediator.

Situations that may be taken into consideration when a Family Court judge considers a request for alimony can and do include:

  • The ability of each spouse to pay alimony;
  • The ability of each spouse to obtain gainful employment:
  • The amount and length of training or career rehabilitation necessary for each spouse to be capable of obtaining employment; and,
  • The nature of the sacrifice made that forms the basis of the request for alimony.

If you need assistance with a RI Divorce matter that may or may not include a request for Alimony, contact Bethany Macktaz now at (401) 490-0717, or by email at You may also use the confidential contact form HERE for more information.

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