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Enforcement and Modifications

Enforcement and modification simply means that if something should change after the court enters your Final Judgment of Divorce, or any other Family Law related Order, such as child support or custody and visitation, you have the ability to modify the order or judgment, or see that it is enforced.

Cases involving enforcement typically have to do with child support, but can also have an effect on custody orders, visitation orders, or any other kind of order the court enters. Some of these cases can also involve interstate issues where one parent has left the state entirely. Enforcement means that you appeal to the court because the guidelines set out in the order are not being followed by one or more of the parties involved.

In cases involved modification, a Final Judgment or Order has been entered, and everything may or may not be adhered to by all parties, however the circumstances have changed somehow for one or more of the parties involved and a modification needs to be made to the original agreement.

In either of these situations, you will need the help of an experienced Family Law Attorney like Bethany Macktaz. With over 15 years as an Assistant Attorney General, and extensive mediation and negotiation training, Bethany will help you sort through any difficulties, and reach new agreements based on the current circumstances.

When an ex-spouse is refusing to pay child support, or comply with the terms of a property division agreement or court order, Bethany will file the necessary motions with the court that will get the results you need and want. If you or your ex-spouse experience a change in your circumstances, be it due to illness, unemployment, or other financial or personal burden, Bethany can file for modification to your existing court order.

The modification process can also be employed in cases where an ex-spouse's child support obligation was calculated based upon one position and pay-rate, and they have been given a raise or a promotion whereby they will make more money. Because child support is calculated based upon a percentage of each spouse's earnings, this can make a substantial difference in the amount of support ordered by the court.

Bethany is located at Macktaz Law Inc., right in Downtown Providence, close to the courts for your convenience. If you need help with enforcing a court order concerning Child Support, Divorce, Custody, or Visitation, or need to Modify your Final Judgment, or a Court Order, contact Bethany Macktaz now at (401) 490-0717, by email at, or by using the confidential contact form HERE on her website for more information.

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