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At the time of a divorce proceeding, both parties are in a stressful place where often the only thing that matters is getting the divorce settled. A great deal can be overlooked during this process, and even more can change as time goes on and lives alter and take different paths.

The process of modification was incorporated to account for not only those things overlooked initially, but the ongoing changes that come after the divorce is final.

As a former Assistant Attorney General, Bethany Macktaz is the best choice to help you navigate the divorce, mediation, and modification process through the Family Court system. Bethany already has more than fifteen years of experience as a successful trial attorney and state prosecutor - experience that you will need during every phase of the mediation, divorce and modification process.

Your divorce doesn't end just because the final judgment was entered. In particular, if you have minor children and child support and custody issues, modifications to your final judgment may be ongoing for the life of the child as changes to situations and status must be reflected for each party.

For instance, if your ex obtains a new job where they will make more money, or less money, a Family Court Motion for Modification will need to be filed to account for these changes. If an ex-spouse loses a job, or wants to relocate or change a visitation schedule, a modification must be entered with the court and approved before the changes may take effect.

The forms and procedure for filing modifications with the court can be involved and are all time sensitive. A mistake in this area will mean that you need to start all over again from the Motion process. Bethany can save you time, effort, and extra expenses by filing on your behalf and representing your interests before the Court. In addition, Bethany's skills as a trained mediator can help to make any Family Court situation reach a resolution in a calm, timely, and fair manner - giving both parties the opportunity to reach an agreement that will be in everyone's best interest.

If you need assistance with a Modification, or your RI Divorce matter, contact Bethany Macktaz now at (401) 490-0717, or by email at You may also use the confidential contact form HERE for more information.

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