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Criminal Defense

The Criminal Justice system is designed to protect the rights of both the innocent and the accused, while upholding the highest level of order, consistency, and equality. Criminal Law serves to prosecute individuals who are accused of any activity that is in violation of the law. These laws are passed by Federal, state, and local governments and are variable from state-to-state. This makes hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney among the most important decisions you will make in attempting to preserve your rights and freedom.

There are few attorneys more qualified to assist people who have been charged with a crime, than those attorneys who have also served on the side of the prosecution. With over 15 years of experience as a Criminal Trial Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, Bethany Macktaz has prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of criminal cases in RI. She has had jury trials ranging from sexual assualts to Murder and White Collar crimes. Bethany brings an amazing amount of in-court experience to her Criminal Law practice.

Seemingly minor criminal charges can be misleading and foster an ill-advised sense of ease among those facing court appearances for misdemeanor crimes or other offenses. Unlike civil law, in the criminal court system, the stakes are very high and can and do involve substantial fines, penalties, probation, and prison sentences. Under no circumstances is any criminal court appearance the time for you to forego the assistance of an experienced, skilled litigator.

In Bethany's years as a prosecutor she served as the Chief of the Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit, and handled a separate caseload of Superior Court felony trials, and successfully prosecuted three high profile trials including a Murder, ADW and Firearms trial, and a multiple count First Degree Sexual Assault, Narcotics and Abominable and Detestable Crimes Against Nature trial, among other programs and trainings. In terms of criminal law experience, there is no better choice to handle your defense in RI than Bethany Macktaz.

Criminal charges include both felony and misdemeanor crimes. Although felony crimes carry harsher sentences, both types of crime will leave you with a criminal record. The job of a prosecutor is to prove every element of both the act and the mental state in order to gain a conviction. Bethany has the requisite knowledge to ensure you the best possible defense in the face of the most daunting charges.

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